Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event

Blur the line between hunter and Hunted in the Beast of Prey Collection Event. Have you mastered the Apex Legends arsenal of weapons? Prove it in the all-new limited-time mode Gun Run. Face off in a fast-paced, quick burst experience against three other squads and score kills to ascend through a track of 25 weapons. Land the final kill with a throwing knife to win the match!

Prove yourself a predator and collect 24 themed cosmetics including new Legendary skins for Horizon, Lifeline, Loba,…


  1. O jogo ta ridiculo, hj tenho maior arrependimento de ter começado a jogar isso, infelizmente sempre fiz de tudo pra esse jogo se tornar jogavel! sempre fui educado, nunca faltei respeito com ninguém muito menos fui preconceituoso, nunca utilizei nenhum tipo de hack ou coisas que me beneficiassem ou atrapalhassem a gameplay de alguém! quando simplesmente fui BANIDO, isso mesmo! sem a menor explicação ou historico de nada, simplesmente BANIDO, NÃO JOGUEM NEM INVISTAM SEUS TEMPOS OU DINHEIRO, vcs podem passar pela mesma coisa que eu!

  2. Just wanna say Thanks to the devs for ruining this game. Catering to the 1% Masters and Preds by allowing them in lower skill lobbies to avoid long wait times in their own skill based lobbies has ruined this game. Along with the ridiculous new ranked point system that doesn’t give credit for kills right away. This game is in a miserable state now good job! Whatever happened to the understanding that games need to be FUN in order to keep your gamers. Getting rolled by top Masters and Preds in pubs is the main reason im done with this game.

  3. Одно из лучших событий! Новые скины на лобу, рампарт, лайфлайн просто влюбляют в себя с самого первого взгляда. Эхх… вот бы их все и сразу получить)))

  4. I wish you guys make every 300 or 500 opened pact they will have 100% heirloom chest so that we the unluck ones get it ive been playi g for years im lvl 458 still has no heirloom freetoplay btw

  5. I’m am so sorry Respawn but do you know what the definition of skilled based matchmaking is it “players of similar skill levels in matches against each other to fairly balance teams and maximize the enjoyment players get from the game” your game is not fun for new players

  6. I Hope they will start doing something in the game. Respawn crybabies only complain on social media sites, if they put that same energy in content creation for the game, Apex would ve a helluva better game than this dying pacient.

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