Apex Legends Season 15 – Road to Diamond part 1 (Crypto Main Gameplay)

After taking a solid 1-2 month break from Apex Legends, we are back on the ranked grind! Since I didn’t play any ranked in the second split of last season, it has reset me to silver lll to start off in Season 15. So this split, we will be grinding all the way from silver to Diamond. In this video, this is my grind from silver rank to gold. In next video, it will be my grind in the gold rank progressing into the platinum rank and so on. My end goal for ranked is to make it to Diamond, so by…


  1. I am still a little rusty skill wise, so just bare with me and I will get my skill back by next video lol. Love you guys and hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving🥳🦃

  2. I love your videos. Do you use a two pc setup or record on a single pc? Your videos are pretty clear and never seem to have any quality issues. Id love to record clips myself

  3. Youre literally my favorite crypto player!! Over even match1n!! Im so hyped you're back!!

    Warning your drone sticks in a certain area in promenade where its like theres invisible wall. It also effects throwables in that area too. Its the place where the ammo box is always floating.

  4. So how do you like this for a rework for Crypto? The drone, when it is out, can change position by tapping the tactical button just like Vantage tactical, and if you want to control it, hold the tactical button.

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