Borderlands 2: Axton vs Digistruct Peak

Felt as if I had to run this build through Digistruct Peak to legitimize it. Digistruct Peak is a unique and challenging quest added by …


  1. Axton sniper with grenade skills and longbow turrets is nothing short than awesome, just throw the turrets where the enemy has a bad time shooting them but in a way that they still draw aggro, slag the couple guys that didn't get slagged by the turrets and shoot away, then you can always backup by throwing either fastball grenades or magic missile.

    About his usual problems with sniping and critical damage, it seems that people forget about badass tokens and the fact Axton can improve his base damage. You've been playing long enough, you'll probably be already able to get yourself a 100% badass boost to either crit damage or base gun damage, sure the randomized list has the bad habit of trying to balance everything out but just pick the two options every single time they appear, you'll be fine

  2. i use badaboom with axton
    shame shield
    op8 badaboom
    dp unkempt harold
    lv15 badaboom for ammo recovery

    simply slag everything with my slagger then kill it with the badaboom
    and using the 2, badaboom for ammo recovery and unkempt harold for secound wins

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