Borderlands 2 – Easter Eggs – How to Find Bioshock Easter Egg

This is a video guide showing how to find and fight Mr. Bubbles and Lil Sis in the Captain Scarlett Pirate’s Booty DLC in Borderlands 2.

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  1. the part about not hurting her is bullshit, you just cant kill her, accidents happen. i shot the shit outta her, mistook her for a midget..but realized and stopped and she still gave me the lil eevie, its a %100 chance that she gives you the gun, she gives nothing else.

  2. FUN FACT: There is a third place you can spawn him. Activating the platform that takes you up to the Lighthouse will spawn enemies while it comes down to you. There is a chance Mr. Bubbles and Lil sis will spawn here

  3. I got a Shock "little evie" but only after 5 tries those 5 tries were broken up by about 23 instances where they didn't spawn and then i finally killed everyone without damaging the lil sis, advice DON'T use the skin of tera shield or basically any grenade or a turret…or splash damage weapon…basically use your bare hands as much as possible and then a pillow gun…

  4. No.I'm not a troll it's just countless people have stated comments on this issue and no one has answered. I like gamefront and the content is good but why just drop walkthroughs and not even give a reason? The app isn't perfect and I kind of feel that they are hurting the fans who can't use it.

  5. The app isn't the same as watching it on youtube. They have made a huge mistake as far more people want the walkthroughs here. I think someone said,"Hey,lets make easter egg videos,tips and hidden content videos they get the same views for much less work." GameFront is meant to be about games now it's about Demons Souls,James doing crazy shit and first look rubbish. GameFront for the love of god change this or you will lose people in the long run,

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