Dark Souls 3: The Dark Caster

Invasions using an intelligence and faith build centered around dark sorceries!






#darksouls3pvp #darksouls3invasions #darksouls3trolling


  1. You know I really will say I hope he comes back to this build and possibly throw some lightning while using the purple lightning retexture almost as if he also has Black Lightning to go along with his dark sorceries

  2. Odd, I've never heard you cuss in any of your videos until this one. Not that there anything wrong with that but I always sorta admired how you kept it clean despite all the spammy, ganky, bad manners players who you encountered.

  3. The biggest disservice to Caster types in DS3 is the complete lack of good looking witch/wizard clothes. DS2 and DS1 were packed with great outfits but all DS3 has to offer is retreads and dull knight sets.

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