Destiny High Level Gameplay – Level 29 Titan | Destiny Max Level

Destiny High Level Gameplay – Level 29 Titan | Destiny Max Level.
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  1. Well that sucks. I only got the game yesterday and am now lvl 8. I was hopping there was a level like 50 or 100. I can see my self being 29 in a few months time. I wanted it to level up like skyrim kind of and a reachable level much higher then 29. Plus it would take 400 hours of game play to do that. Idk I'm just bummed

  2. I feel lied to… a minority of this video is gameplay, most of it is just build and discussing skills.
    Also, the defender which is the one I would like to see high-level gameplay of (since it is very rare) is ignored even tho the title says "Titan" i.e. the class, not "Striker" which is only one of the sub-classes.

  3. The Titan is definitely my favorite class. I just hit level 20 last night, fucking work schedule only allows me about 60-80 minutes of playing per day. Sucks, but it's funding my gaming addiction, and, you know, food and shelter and shit, so whaddaya gonna do? I am enjoying maxing out my Striker subclass before I move on, but I do like it when another player on my team can give me a shield at just the right time. A Hunter on my fireteam quit last night, so it was just me and another Titan, he was a Defender, fighting together across the Martian landscape. It was great.

  4. video must be fake or one of the game designers cause legendary items seen to be fixed on 18 light atm and how can the legendary have more light than the exoic if u can see in the video. Im lvl 25 and all the legendary i have found on playstation 4 all seem fixed at 18 light havent even seen a player whit one higher.

  5. u should summit a complaint i just telling u because if it was me and i upload a video and another person steals it i can reported and u can also sue them and and they need to pay u for stealing your video but i just telling u because it is illegal to take photo or video without permission.

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