Destiny: Telesto Gameplay & First Impressions | Taken King Exotic Fusion Rifle

Gameplay and my first impressions with the Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle in The Taken King Expansion for Destiny!
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Intro sounds from Battlefield 3 gameplay


  1. if you're running out of ammo then you are using your secondary as a primary and that's not how it works.

    if you want a great combo then try this. The Hung Jury scout rifle with the telesto and your sword as a back up.

    scouts are where it's at currently. it's a 20 round sniper with firefly.

    telesto for midrange , and do try to go for criticals as the secondary explosions in the face of anything will be devistating.

    you can Damn near snipe with the telesto of you learn how to use the recoil to put the rounds on target but I use it for midrange.

    if that fails and it rarely does my sword will take care of anyone close enuff to mele .

    so yeah. hung jury to keep you out of the fire. telesto for mid and groups that rush in and sword as a last resort.

  2. I managed to get this using the three of coins from xur and killing ultras and majors. Got blue engrams over and over but by the third to fourth use of the coins I got the telesto and exotic don't touch me gauntlets. They are worth using in the end takes some time but you won't regret it unless you already have something better lol.

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