[F.I.S.T] GHOST RECON WILDLANDS | CO-OP S2 Part 8 | NO HUD + EXTREME (Tactical Walkthrough)

🔥 Special Forces, Action Movie style (NO HUD + EXTREME) gameplay with MultiPOV editing 😮🔥 Ghost Recon Wildlands F.I.S.T Season 2.

⭕ Full (SEASON 2):

⭕ Start from (SEASON 1):

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  1. First, I would LOVE to play with you !
    Secondly, for a more realistic "simulation" and give you a additional challenge. You could only reload your firearms when the magazine is empty. Like in real life you don't reload your assault rifle because you shot 2 bullets. Only a suggestion! I think it could be cool and I'm sure you guys can take the challenge!
    Be seeing you !!!

    Kama out.

  2. Hey, y'all, I know y'all probably get asked this question a lot, but here goes anyway. Are y'all currently military or ex military soldiers? If so, what branch and all? My Daddy was a Green Beret paratrooper. My niece was in the Army for a few years also. God bless and remember, Jesus loves you! The KING is coming soon!!!

  3. I think my area is glitched because when I completed that area it only gave me 5/6 missions completed and I got everything their and its really bugging me because I'm trying to 100% the game😂

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