Fortnite Mobile Chapter 3 IOS Nvidia GeForce Now – Arena + Creative Gameplay 120FPS #2

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  1. Yo bro if u can help me please answer bcuz i really need someones help with this problem. So basically in creative for the past 2 days i went on it to practice and i started building but whenever i build i press and hold on to the fire/look stick for more than one stair but what happens is that i hold the fire/look stick button for automatic builds to be placed but instead the builds arent placed n i end up falling off it , this issue is sooo annoying do if u can help , PLEASEEE ANSWER.

  2. Yooo glad to see ur on chapter 3! Can we please play today? Also bubble wrap builds on mobile sheesh. U should get the GeForce 6hr thingy if your gonna be playing on it more!

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