Horizon Zero Dawn playthrough pt1 – A Babe Without a Name/Fall Into the Past

This is my playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4, with live commentary. Want to save some money with a new LootCrate …


  1. Can you shut the fuck up for more than 5 fucking seconds?? You're noy funny, amd you're sure as hell not clever. Do us all a favor and stop playing video games, you're just not good at them.

  2. My God. Shut the FUCK up for 30 seconds every so often why don't you? JUST so your viewers can get a goddamn sense of what's happening story-wise… But far more importantly, to give their ears a fucking break from your inane jokes that would fall flat in room full of stoned middle schoolers.

  3. Why do you talk so much during the cut scene like legit can you stop. It annoying and most of us want to listen to the story, rather than hear you nonsense commentary.

  4. 7:39 "(burps) Whoa, this has a TON of different difficulty settings."

    (Has flashbacks of Phil's response to the choices of Easy/Normal/Hard on RE Zero)

    "So, now I gotta make the decision, right, if I play on Normal and we have a fun playthrough, oh, I didn't actually beat the game cuz I beat it on Easy. If I pick Hard and I'm dying a million times and the playthrough is boring cuz, Phil keeps dying, well, it's because I picked Hard, which is Normal, or is it Normal? WHAT IS NORMAL?!"

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