Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough – Part 28 – Ersa's Mystery & Robbing The Rich Quest Completion

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► Welcome to part 28 of this commentary Walkthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4. Aloy and Erend investigate the place where the tracks lead, and encounter some dangerous enemies. Aloy then uses her focus and begins to paint a picture of what really happened to Ersa. The continuation of the story is back in Meridian, so before that we head to the next location in the “Robbing The Rich” quest to…


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  2. Nasan dropped down over the edge of the section he was in – I can't remember what it's called, but he used the grappling hook thing to exit. Uh… kind of like … you need to jump down off of it and … I hope you know what I'm talking about because I'm clearly not explaining it right.

  3. Be sure to read the loading screen tips that appear when you die or fast travel, there is some pretty useful stuff there you haven't figured out yet. Continuing to shoot fire arrows at something already on fire is a sign that you have some elemental basics to learn.

  4. okay I honestly, legit forgot that the Robbing the Rich sidequest turned out to be so involved. I knew there was a sidequest where you had to sneak into a shadow carja fort to rescue someone, but I don't think it's giving the game away to say there's more than one of those kinds of sidequests, and I just totally forgot that this one was connected to the missing sword guy, which I think I had confused with a different stolen item fetch quest that turned out to be boring. So this was actually pretty cool to watch on that level, lol.

    I hope you do the Olin quest soon. It's kind of interesting to me that you've just sort of made a pattern of skipping main quest items that have been placed deliberately along the path of further along, higher level main quest items. First Sona on the way to Meridian, and now Olin on the way to Erend, as it doesn't appear to be deliberate at all, like you just don't think of them in that same way because you're prioritizing whatever quests you want to do first. I'm not criticizing at all, it's just legitimately interesting to me because I've never seen a playthrough like this. You have a unique thought process about approaching the quests in this game.

  5. A lot of human enemies tend to be armored in places where spear strikes land on them, plus they can block your attacks which reduces your damage on them further

    Heavy strikes can knock them down and leave them vulnerable to a follow up crit for a brief moment though

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