The BEST Champion Weapons (TWO Weeks until Season 17) | Destiny 2 NEW SEASON

Bungie Teased the Anti-Champion Mods coming Next Season in last week’s TWAB. So far we know of Trace Rifles and Machine Guns, but not what stunning capabilities they will have. Here are our top picks for what to run ins Season 17 Grandmaster Nightfalls and Endgame Content.
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  1. I'm just concerned gambit is going to go back to everybody using Xeno.
    If that happens, I'll be back to playing almost none of it, no matter how much I like the mode.
    Xeno ruins the fun in gambit to me. Period.

  2. Cross, I have waiting for these two weapon types to see some love and I am excited about the many machine guns I have collected to shine with these new buffs. Should make Master lost sectors more fun for me!

  3. Uhhhh I have been using Corrective Measure with rewind rounds and one for all this whole season. 300 rounds of never having to reload against bosses plus the add clear potential with volatile and font of might….people don’t use machine guns my ass!

  4. Bro I wanna see Thunderlord get a catalyst. Probably not this season coming up here in 2 weeks, but the one after than when we get Arc 3.0. Something that helps it chain lightning maybe to just mow whole swarms of adds?

  5. I just want mods that cover multiple weapons. Like how Ada was selling Precise Charge the other day which Covers Hand Cannons, Scouts, and Bows all on one mod. We already have Autos and SMGs in one champion mod so Bows and Scouts being 2 has 0 excuses to exist.

  6. LMGs would be so much better if they just decided to raise the damage by additional 30% to the new buff but also cut down the reserves down by 30%. Heavy Weapons are mainly used for Singletarget Bossfights and LMGs simply cannot deal the same DPS as other weapons. this is their only flaw

  7. I hope bungie fixes the bugs with Grand Overture since it'd be so much fun if it wasn't broken… the catalyst gives the wrong stat (+8 stability instead of +20 handling) and the missiles don't blind anything, feels like such a big oversight for the current season's exotic weapon.

  8. Still dont get why ppl say never bring your div to gm as its a verry good weapon for overload there are gm i dont use it but i always use it in glassway and fallen saber after putting down a statis turret so they unstagger and get staggered right away again by div to prevent from teleport and remain at 1 spot i lov div in certain gm for overloads 🤣

  9. I'm going to be running around with either a warmind cell build or a solar well build (assuming that solar 3.0 is here next season) with Skyburners Oath… as long as Antibarrier Scout exists otherwise, probably not

  10. There was a leak stating killing talley will be coming back for the new ritual machine gun and a few other weapons, also i still think wave splitter will still be the best trace rifle next season in terms of how build friendly it seems, but with solar 3.0 coming out next season as well, I'm guessing Prometheus lens will be over shadowing it since it will be able to burn targets now

  11. What if instead of having a gun type for champs they could just narrow it down to a burn type?? Wouldnt that be a blessing to open up the meta! Sorry i know good ideas and Bungo dont often mix but im just saying…

  12. We just need all nerfs lifted for a crazy season. Bring back anarchy while where in the season of all arc instead while we get useless void weapons for arc missions. Were getting new missions with new weapons when you have to use all taken and splicer weapons.

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