The Only 7 FUSE TIPS YOU NEED For Apex Legends Season 13!

Today we have a ton of great Apex Legends tips and tricks for Fuse! The only 7 Fuse Tips you need for Apex Legends Season 13 are here and if you do watch this almost apex legends fuse guide season 13, you will be much better off. Let me know if these Apex Fuse Tips are helpful and if you need more apex legends beginners tips or other legends covered for our Apex tips and tricks!

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  1. 1:56, ik the actual reason for this is probably just "the devs couldn't be bothered to actually certain apply real world concepts into Apex," but how can Fuse's ult unleash fire onto water which wouldn't instantly be extinguished? Like, how can the fire from Fuse's ult stay on the water for a prolonged period of time without being extinguished immediately the moment it touches water? Like I said before, I kinda already feel like ik the real reason, but if someone could maybe create a fake reason to explain how this is possible in the Apex world since it seems to be based off our own then that would be highly appericated.

  2. As someone who’s mained Fuse since S10, ima say almost all the people who pick him in pubs are really bad lol. I personally like using him at mid range playing defensive/support. His kit when used correctly helps your team out so much. If your team isn’t bad, the clusters come in so handy both for moving enemies out of cover and for stopping them from pulling off a heal. You can also use them to help your teammates heal up incase they get beamed, most enemies that try to push as soon as you stick them will get spooked and abandon the push even though they’re only going to take 15-25 damage. His Ult can also be used as a scanner when people are hiding in a building, to trap enemies in it, or to completely stop a push if it is indoors.

  3. Everyone always says he’s easy to play but in my opinion he is a bit like Bangalore his ability’s can either hurt the team or help the team when used correctly and when used correctly can be one of the best legends in the game

  4. As a fuse main, trapping enemies with his ult and spamming grenades then taking out the squad feels so good. But when a fuse traps me and spams grenades I feel what everyone else feels, it’s so annoying.

  5. His knuckle cluster is great to shoot into rampart walls. And shoot one into caustic gas. Or drop an ultimate around a Gibby dome… I think Fuse is a great legend when used properly

  6. The dude that dashboarded at around 2:21 lmao…I’ve been on the receiving end of a Fuse grenade spam before and it truly does feel hopeless when you’re getting lit up from seemingly every direction you turn.

  7. A really good gun to use with Fuse is actually the triple take, it has a slow effect on it and if you can combine that with clusters it makes them very slow, it’s really powerful

  8. I use Fuse a lot in Arenas. Clusters are definitely a must at mid range. I’ve killed myself more than a few times in close range fights accidentally deploying a cluster.

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